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Redemption The Road Less Travelled

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

An entrepreneurial memoir on how Jesse took his business and life to the next level.

For my entrepreneurs, visionaries, business women and men. I present this book to you. May it be a resource as you move through groundbreaking thought. We often think to ourselves, “ how can I add value to the world?” How can I share my story of impact leading to true success? The best answer I can give you is to start now with what you have. There is no better time! I would recommend studying what you plan to get into. Learn as much as humanly possible before stepping into the field you are destined to be in. Today is your day to learn and grow & this book can be a tool if you use it accordingly.

My goal is to share habits ideas and adventures that have helped me become the man I am today.

If you can channel the message being shared you can become and unlock a new level of success within your life. Mind you, each interaction and situation may be different, I encourage you to take your own path but to listen to the story. It may make sense now, it may make sense in your life 8 years from now but allow this book to marinate in your soul. Let it swish in your brain and then read another book re-dated to these topics.

Thank you for the time, may you enjoy this book and may it bring you what you’re seeking in life.

Having a vision of what you will be doing is a start, having a plan of action is the next step in securing your position. Being transparent about where we really stand is important . If you have $3,000 in savings imagine what you would do if you have $30,000. If you have a team of 2 don’t pretend you have 10. Be honest with yourself. Envisioning 10 people on your team is great and it’s totally necessary but be real with where you stand. I struggled with this for many years. I always see myself further down the line than I was currently at. We can build where were at but it’s impossible to build from a place that you haven’t been to. Let me draw a scenario for you. Imagine that you were trying to do a flip but you didn’t know how to jump? How do you learn how to flip but you didn’t know how to jump? How do you learn how to flip but you didn’t know how to jump? There are levels to every situation, when you skip steps, you lose out. There is a process to every success story. So back to flipping, there are many steps we must take to make the flip possible. You have to learn how to crawl, walk, jump, tuck bend and add all of these with a land on both feet. So putting together the basics of tucking, jumping, bending and landing are essential. It’s not an overnight process, it takes time to build all of the skillsets.

Think about your next venture like the flip. What combo of people, skillsets and management can you use to make your flip and land. You have everything you need, we just need to put it together in a way that helps us work efficiently.

I’m constantly in a tug between where I’d like to be and where I’m currently at. In fact, I feel that there is so much that is not seen. If you added up the experiences, moments and opportunities I’ve been a part of, you would not hesitate in saying that it’s possible. In the corporate world, you gain traction by consistency, by time, experience and by pleasing those around you. That alone can take you 15- 20 years to actually get you where you want. Are you willing to play by someone else’s rules for 15 - 20 years? Who even says that they will agree with you? Kissing face, smiling and doing your absolute best is sometimes all you can do to thrive. Sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes being you is not enough for those around you. In these moments, remember that you are awesome.

Remember that there are things you are phenomenal at. Remember that you are more than just a clock in scheduling entity. That you have value, way above any pay grade, idea or set of rules someone is inflicting on you. You’re more than a conqueror! People can’t see all of you. They only can see from their perspective in this moment. Please forgive them, for how they act, for how they treat you. Learn to forgive them for how they act and for how they treat you. Learn to forgive them, learn to love your neighbor and have faith that things will change, they will change

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